A Raise Foundation Initiative

Financial Literacy

While we primarily recognize April as Blue Ribbon Month, April is also Financial Literacy Awareness Month.

About the Initiative

“Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.”

With the prevalence of neglect as the most frequently reported and substantiated child abuse allegation, and neglect representing the inadequate provision of food, water, shelter, supervision and security—many of those issues are financial in nature. A parent’s ability to provide is directly linked to money management and personal finance skills. Utilizing a prevention model and focusing on youth, The Raise Foundation seeks to reduce long term rates of neglect in Orange County by providing financial literacy public awareness, education and workshops to targeted youth groups and the community at large.

The Raise Foundation has partnered with The Female Economist to provide a variety of financial literacy workshops. Workshops were conducted at the 3rd Annual Festival of Hearts, hosted by Laura’s House, Waymakers and Saddleback College, and for the Orangewood Foundation: Foster and Community Youth Services. These workshops cover the definition of economics, how to budget and save, saving for college or automobiles and beginning investment. TRF and Orangewood Foundation also developed a Stock Investment Game that allows youth to pick stocks, trade amongst themselves and monitor growth of their investments over a year-long window.

Please contact olivia@theraisefoundation.org for more information on financial literacy workshops for youth and/or the stock investment game.

Initiative Partners

The Female Economist

Orangewood Foundation

San Diego County Credit Union