A Raise Foundation Initiative

Window Safety and Window Fall Prevention

Over 120 children in Orange County have fallen out of 2nd story windows in the last five years. Window fall injuries include fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and potentially death, with children ages 0-5 being the most at-risk. Through education, public awareness, advocacy, and resource allocation, The Raise Foundation and Orange County's Child Abuse Prevention Council believe pediatric window falls in Orange County can be reduced and prevented.

About the Initiative

Pediatric window falls are one of the leading causes of traumatic injury of children, ages 0-15, in Orange County. Since 2015, window falls have been on the rise with at least 28 reported pediatric window falls in 2020. The Raise Foundation and Orange County's Child Abuse Prevention Council aim to reduce and prevent pediatric window fall occurrences in Orange County through comprehensive public awareness campaigns, community and professional educational workshops, provision and connection to resources such as window locks and window guards at local Family Resource Center sites, and countywide advocacy for systemic window fall prevention strategies.

Window falls are preventable. With children ages 0-6 being the most at-risk of window fall injury or harm, prevention strategies for families and the community are key.

Tips to prevent falls include:

-Move furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs, and tables directly away from window access.

-If possible, do not open windows more than 4 inches.

-Install a window lock and/or guard on all second story and above windows in homes where young children reside.

-Do not rely on window screens to keep children safely inside.

-Supervise children closely when they are near windows or open access areas.

-Close windows when not in use.

These simple but valuable steps can help to protect children and empower parents and caretakers to be vigilant.


Window Safety Listening Session--Thursday, October 20th at 11am


For more information, helpful tips, and other ways that we can prevent window falls together, visit CHOC's website for additional information, articles, and resources.

For information on resources available at local resource centers, please visit the FRC Portal.

If interested in coalition work to draft policy suggestions for addressing window safety, contact us at info@theraisefoundation.org

Initiative Partners:

Children's Health Orange County

Emergency Nurses Association, Orange Coast Chapter

Jamboree Housing